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Support Living

Dedicated bespoke solutions for supported household living


Our supported living packages are about you. It is about empowering you to make your own decisions, in supporting you to live a life independently. It’s about valuing your culture, identity, and views, enabling you to build lifelong relationships and friendships.
We value how you spend your time, we are happy to support you with your leisure, health, fitness, and college commitments.
Do you fancy being supported on holiday? Our staff are there to help support you achieve all these things and are happy to accompany you on your jollies. Simple things matters, if you need support with your laundry or other house chores our staff are always there to support you. This is our promise to you; we will provide all our care in a person-centred way. This means you will always be involved in all decisions regarding your support and care.

What we provide:

Autism and Learning Disabilities

Our staff at UNB Health have a vast amount of experience of supporting individuals with autism and learning disabilities. We understand how best to create a care pathway that incorporates both the needs of the individual and the family around them. We are able to tailor bespoke care plans that are person-centred and these will encourage and support the individual to live an independent and fulfilling life. We do this by involving everyone in formulating a plan of care that enhances and supports the individual with learning disabilities. Autism is a highly stigmatised syndrome and can often make individuals feel isolated; we provide expert staff that are able to communicate with individuals on the Autistic Spectrum.

In addition to this, we also support individuals with other cognitive developmental challenges such as, but not limited to:


Children & Adolescent Services

We formed our children and adolescent services to support those with complex health and social care needs within their communities and educational environments. We assist by adapting a holistic family-oriented, person-centred approach to providing for the complex care needs of the young person.
We do so by working in conjunction with a multitude of professionals to provide the best care for you. Within our services we have the experience of supporting those with complex learning disabilities, physical disabilities, brain or early childhood injury. Through this, we can provide and maintain a supportive framework which helps to foster and meet the needs of those we support.

These will include:

Mental Health

We offer support packages that include the individual being cared for by allied health professionals.

At UNB supported living services, our aim is to support individuals facing mental health difficulties within the community. We aim to work with all affected in a way that promotes independence and empowers the individual to feel they have the support as and when needed.

Within our services we have a team of staff who are empathetic, compassionate and understanding.

The amount of support we provide varies depending on needs, and can be anything from a few hours a week, up to full-time support or intensive support over a short period of time to help achieve wellness. We also encourage peer support as much as possible, where mutual support and a shared journey empowers people to make the changes and learn together.

Mental health is something that we can all relate to. We provide support in our supported living services for people with a diagnosed mental health condition, which can be anything from:

We will work with you in a collaborative way to support you in gaining self confidence and improve emotional wellbeing on a pathway to independence and recovery.

Our Locations

Sunningdale Road
This house is located in the metropolitan district of Bradford, and is a 3 bedroomed modern house offering tenants a spacious and homely environment to live in. Sunningdale Road has easy access to Bradford town, Halifax town, and access to excellent local amenities and public transport.

If you are interested in our supported living services.
Please get in touch with Natasha
Woods on 01274 449175 or
e-mail our referrals team at

What we provide at Sunningdale Road: